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BUBBLES seat cushion

BUBBLES seat cushion

2495 SEK
The handwoven seat cushion BUBBLES is made from  bubbly textured wool fabric, backed with leather.  Available in black, grey or rust.  Size 28 x 40 cm

Sittdynan är handvävd i BUBBEL, ett ulltyg med baksida i skinn från Tärnsjö garveri.  Finns i svart, rost och grå. Storlek 28 x 40 cm.

Design Elisabeth Johansson.

BUBBLES is part of Collection Symphony No1.

Right from the outset in 2011, our basic approach has been to create quality products that last a lifetime. The in-depth knowledge and competence we have in a range of weave techniques are used for product development. Our practice involves handweaving and mechanized weaving on a 1950s loom. Creative playfulness and quintessential craftsmanship are key to the collection.